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VIDEO: Frank Gashumba Blames Sheilah’s Mother For Poor Upbringing Of Their Daughter

On (left) Frank Gashumba, (middle) is Tina Mukuza mother to Sheilah Gashumba

Renowned Social Critic Frank Gashumba Voices Concerns Over Daughter’s Upbringing, Blaming Baby Mama for Influence

Frank Gashumba, a well-known figure for his outspoken views on societal values, has turned his critical eye towards his own family dynamics. Gashumba has long been recognized for his candid commentary on morality and ideals within society. However, his recent statements regarding his daughter’s upbringing shed light on a personal struggle within his own home.

In an exclusive interview with Radio4, Gashumba opened up about his concerns regarding his daughter’s decisions and choices, ranging from romantic relationships to her social circle and lifestyle.

The catalyst for this discussion was the leak of his daughter’s private videos on social media. This incident prompted Gashumba to reflect on his role as a parent and question whether he had provided the necessary guidance and nurturing.

Gashumba did not hold back in assigning blame, pointing towards his daughter’s mother, Tina Mukuza. According to Gashumba, Mukuza consistently promoted values that contradicted his own efforts in raising their daughter, Sheilah.


He recounted an incident during Sheilah’s six-month study course in South Africa, where Mukuza encouraged the young woman to get her first tattoo. This action came as a surprise to Gashumba, who discovered the tattoo during their Sunday church service preparations.

When confronted about the tattoo, Mukuza reportedly defended her stance, claiming that the modern world allowed for individual expression and choice, even for young adults.

This clash in parenting perspectives has left Gashumba deeply disappointed and concerned about his daughter’s future.

Gashumba’s disappointment extends to Sheilah herself, as he expressed his regret over her decision to adorn her skin with tattoos. He believes that these choices may have lasting consequences and fears that Sheilah may ultimately pay a price for them in the long run.

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The candid interview with Frank Gashumba offers a rare glimpse into the challenges faced by even the most outspoken critics of societal norms when it comes to their own personal lives. It raises questions about the complexities of parenting and the clash of values within families.

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