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Unsettled Scores Settled: Karole Kasita Clears Longstanding Debt With Songwriter Mudra Di Viral

Mudra Di Viral and Karole Kasita

Renowned Songwriter and Musician Mudra Di Viral Confirms Payment for Hit Songs as Debts Resolved.

In a recent exclusive interview with Galaxy FM, Mudra Di Viral, the prolific songwriter and musician, has finally put an end to years of lingering disputes with fellow artist Karole Kasita. The story takes a dramatic turn as Karole Kasita clears her long-standing debts to Mudra, acknowledging his significant contributions to her musical success.

The highlight of the conversation was Mudra’s revelation about receiving payment from Karole for his songwriting efforts on her chart-topping hits, “Yaka” and “Mwoto.” The once-strained relationship between the two artists seems to have made a complete turnaround, as Mudra openly discussed how their differences have been resolved and they have found themselves back on good terms.

Earlier this year, the music scene was rocked when Mudra accused Karole Kasita of ingratitude, detailing the numerous sacrifices he had made for her flourishing career, including penning her hit songs. In the interview, Mudra disclosed that the composition of “Yaka” was a pivotal moment for him, representing the realization of his aspirations after stepping away from a lucrative sales job to pursue music in the challenging backdrop of the slums.

Mudra Di Viral and Karole Kasita on stage

The turning point came as the delays in payment and perceived disrespect from artists like Karole pushed Mudra to transition from solely writing songs to performing them himself. The change of course marked a significant shift in his career trajectory.

With Karole Kasita finally settling her debts and expressing her appreciation for Mudra’s artistic contributions, the music community is now abuzz with speculation about whether the duo will once again join forces creatively. Fans are left wondering if the harmonious resolution of their past disputes might lead to a collaborative musical endeavour in the future.

In a surprising twist, the narrative has shifted from discord to harmony, as Mudra Di Viral and Karole Kasita’s reconciliation sets a precedent for conflict resolution within the music industry. The story serves as a reminder that even amid creative differences and financial conflicts, unity and understanding can ultimately prevail

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