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Unidentified guy slaps the hell out of Madiba/Assylum Proprietor Darius Mugisha

They say Bakiga are arrogant, how true is it? Well, Kiwatule based Madiba/Assylum boss and Daily Monitor scribe could answer it because he is one. Yesterday morning, Mugisha received a hot slap in his face from a man we and him are yet to identify. The money who he (Mugisha) claims was armed slapped him just because he had blocked the way and he wanted to pass. (it was infron

Mugisha says the guy was actually weak but he didnt fight back
Mugisha says the guy was actually weak but he didnt fight backt

of his bar by the way).


The guy who slapped Mugisha infront of his employees who were outside seeing him off was also a resident of Kiwatule, a Kampala surburb.

Ninja dissapears after planting a slap on the guyz face
Ninja dissapears after planting a slap on the guyz face

He went to his facebook page and posted this, The driver of this sorry thing of a car just slapped me and drew a gun at me simply because he had blocked a road in Kiwatule! He posed as the OC! I have never felt so undermined, hurt, disappointed by a security personnel! He looked weaker than me, but I didn’t fight back! He also rushed and got ‘enkoni’ from his car and slashed me a couple of times. Meanwhile he had a half bottle of red label in his car!
If you know him, kindly avail me with his details, this is not the peace this regime brought. I have opened up a case at Kiwatule police post and I am willing to go all the way to get justice! I can’t be someone’s punching bag, besides I don’t think a trained personnel should behave like this! And I don’t think the cherokee pis he was carrying is exclusive to him! Andrew Bagala do you know his guy?

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