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The Untold story!!! Angella Katatumba’S Ex-boyfriend sold her to kampala Sun

Thursday night was a busy and sleepless night for Angella Katatumba as she spent it prowling social media walls, all in bid to,-like she so loves doing- to spread the news about a new establishment in her career. And as such, social media was abuzz, as, almost everyone’s Facebook news feed had the letter and Facebook status of singer and only daughter to rich man Bonny Katutumba, the owner of Hotel Diplomat in Muyenga and the Pakistan Ambassador to Uganda. The post bore a letter of a notice of the intention to sue the Kampala Sun for publishing a story whose heading was “HOW LOW ANGELLA KATATUMBA HAS SUNK”

Her post on Facebook read;
I seldom respond to tabloids. After all, words like “allegedly” exonerate journalists behind these stories and personally, I’ve never gone after any media house because, I understand that it’s one of many ways for certain journalists and media houses in this town to make their money.
Much as there are some responsible and respectable journalists, there are also some wreckless and irresponsible ones who ruin the reputation of journalism.
With that said, the most recent Kampala Sun stories published about me involve larger issues.
The Kampala Sun journalist, Solomon Muleyi, called me prior to publishing these stories and I gave him DETAILED accounts of the truth.
To my surprise and shock, this “journalist” Solomon Muleyi, ruthlessly without any consideration whatsoever, repeatedly kept on writing distorted versions of the stories that have hurt my reputation and businesses in more ways than one.
Solomon’s irresponsible and malicious tone that stated obvious lies as facts even after finding out the truth from me, are at the very least negligent and more importantly illegal.
Luckily we live in a world where illegal acts are punishable by law.

The letter suing Kampala Sun
The letter suing Kampala Sun

– Angella

The untold story
However, X-ratedug has reliably learnt that unbeknownst to the musician, the information about her relationship with Jack Pemba was leaked by her boyfriend, Newton Kiyinji who is also a rapper under the stage name; NTO.
This, backed up by a screenshot that has been making rounds on watsap that has Newton’s number +266 788459950 seemingly telling someone to write in a tarnishing way about a person named Angie confirms that indeed, Newton was the one on the mission to tarnish Angella Katatumba’s name and not the Kampala Sun as she thinks.

Screenshot between the reporter and N.T.O
Screenshot between the reporter and N.T.O

This comes after Solomon Muleyi’s phone was stolen by unknown thugs who tracked him to his home in Namugongo. Sources close to a now afraid Solomon Muleyi intimate to Xratedug that the theft could be in bid to hide evidence of the conversation between NTO and Solomon.
“How do thugs attack a house and steal only his Huawei Phone of all the things in the house. It shows that it’s what they wanted. And considering it comes at a time when he has been receiving threats from Angella Katatumba and his boyfriend (ordering him to delete the conversation they had), it might as well be safe to say, that the thieves were hired to make the evidence disappear “said a one Deogratious Kigozi a worker at a popular hardware shop in town who is close friends with Solomon.

N.T.O is Katatumba's exboyfriend
N.T.O is Katatumba’s exboyfriend

The same source however also cautions the Katatumba’s law suit might be headed for a cul de sac saying Solomon has enough evidence even without the phone to take away the burden of proof in court.
“He is equipped enough, at least that I’m sure. He has all the recordings of the numerous phone calls Newton Kiyinji made in bid to tarnish Angella Katatumba’s name. And even when Newton is denying in front of Angella, I have heard him call Solomon pleading for him to delete their whatsapp conversations. But that’s his mistake because I know Solomon as a person who takes his work seriously and understands very well that in his trade, law suits are common. He has played me several of the conversations between him and the fake accented friend of his, Newton about the same subject. If he is afraid, it is because his legion of followers will question his professionalism, but not because of the law suit” said a friend of Solomon.

When XratedUg contacted the Kampala Sun writer, Solomon Muleyi, he was elusive. It was hard to get a comment out of him till late evening thus the delay of this publication. Solomon mantains a calm demeanor throughout the interview and fronts the fact that he doesn’t hate Katatumba.

“Angella thinks I hate her. She thinks I’m a proud writer on a mission to destroy her name which of course, is not the case. She will be surprised that I learnt about her idea to sue from his longtime friend, Newton, and that he is also the one who told me about how she thinks about me. But truth is, I don’t hate her, and I know my work and understand it so well for personal relationships to compromise my productivity. She is being emotional, but I’ll call her up and tell her what exactly ensued. The details of the story? I can’t go there, for, what I know and have might be my only leaverage in court. As for now, I look forward to settling this out of court” said a Solomon Muleyi after a day long of pleading and convincing him to talk!

Why Newton snitched on Angella Katatumba.
According to a reliable source, her boyfriend, Newton (though she will bet her head he isn’t because see, he is a mummy’s boy without as much as a job and a person with the reputation she sells to the world can’t afford to be mentioned in the same line with a looser), after realizing Angella was ignoring him, set out on a trailing quest of the new couple.

“Newton was sad, neighbors in his Makindye Kizungu suburb attest to the fact that every time he drove out of his mother’s house, he looked disturbed. And that raised questions”.

Newton runs to Kampala Sun.
After coming to the conclusion that indeed,Angella Katatumba had moved on and dumped hr because he had become a burden to Angella, the little boy got personal and looked for how he can revenge after being left to suffer like a lost sheep.
The cause of suing could be a trick to sue free money.
Since it’s Newton who ran to the Kampala Sun to give them a story, we are not sure whether Angella wasn’t in the plan. Could it be that they orchestrated everything together because they were sure a company like vision group can pay them that much? Because, according to workers at Newvision, Solomon earns 2m networth a month, suing him in bid to get 200m plus is surely going to be futile.

Who is supposed to be sued?
Perhaps N.T.O didn’t have any nudes that belonged to Angella but looked for what else to use to fire back to the chic. He remembered his Kampala Sun friend Solomon Muleyi, N.T.O rushed to Muleyi with his problems, explained well and provided pictures and at some point, helped the Kampala Sun writer with directions on how to trail the couple. He explained everything to the reporter who did his job to report and make news about the issue, the story was published in Kampala Sun last Friday.

Jack Pemba the conman
Jack Pemba the conman

On the look of things, neither Kampala Sun bosses nor the reporter
should be sued; the source (N.T.O) for the story should be sued. He did it out of anger to expose Angella Katatumba who left him to fall for the Nigerian conman Jack Pemba, he is said to be on a mission of sleeping with all sexy and beautiful Kampala girls, he accomplished his mission of Desire Luzinda and Katatumba, he might be looking for Anitah Fabiola and very soon flying to Dar-es-salaam to ask Zari what’s up.
Angella Katutumba is suing Vision group, Kampala Sun to be specific for 200M.

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