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Thabo Mbeki is in uganda to seek views on regional integration



Africa must define what is in its own interests and develop a peaceful and prosperous continent, South Africa’s ex-President, H.E. Thabo Mbeki has told Ugandan legislators. 

Thabo Mbeki who is in Uganda under the auspices of the African Union (AU) High Level Implementation Panel is leading a delegation seeking views on the integration of the Horn of Africa.

The Horn of Africa includes: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Before meeting the MPs on Tuesday, Mbeki paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.


During a consultative meeting with members on the Foreign Affairs Committee, Mbeki underscored the need for the Horn of Africa member states to find lasting solutions to issues of economic stability, peace and security, and the political question.

He said views of the legislators would inform a written document, which will define the future of the Horn of Africa.

“One of the objectives of the AU is to silence guns in the Horn of Africa by 2020. This process needs to be accelerated,” said Mbeki.

He added that the panel is seeking to establish mechanisms to manage diversity, which he said is one of the root causes of political instability in some countries.

“Sudan broke into two due to failure to manage diversity. This can be addressed if we as member states agree,” he said.


Mbeki said that whilst some countries in the Horn of Africa are blessed with natural resources including oil, gas and minerals, he warned that such resources will not be of any economic benefit, if not utilized. 

“The integration of the Horn of Africa must address such issues. How do we organize natural resources to have a positive impact,” said Mbeki.

Members advised the delegation to utilise the existing regional bodies including the East African Community, if the panel is to achieve the agenda of integrating the region.

Lyandro Komakech asked the AU to focus on enhancing regional integration through strengthening neighboring countries economically, a move he said will automatically silence guns.

“Looking at the current situation in the Horn of Africa, there is the Northern and Southern, that is where we should concentrate. How do you divide the two and deal with their different challenges,” he said.


Jacquiline Amongin called on the panel to consider infrastructure development as one of the means to facilitate economic integration.

“If Ugandans are able to move their goods freely to Sudan; if people of Somalia and Djibouti can move freely within the Horn of Africa, you will find that we shall have a shared market,” said Amongin.

Abdulatif Sebaggala advised the panel to consider promoting dialogue amongst warring countries as a way of achieving the objective of political stability.

“Insecurity is largely caused by political instability. Is consideration being made to organize dialogue in countries which are facing insecurity,” he asked.

Jack Wamanga Wamai raised concern over Africans who capsize in the Mediterranean Sea, while others are kidnapped and sold into slavery. He wondered what the AU was doing to resolve the issue.


The legislators commended Mbeki as a patriot who together with the late former South African President, Nelson Mandela, sacrificed his life to fight apartheid in their country.

The Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Hood Katuramu, described Mbeki as a person who worked for tolerance against revenge.

He assured the delegation that Parliament would support the agenda of the AU, saying that Uganda has contributed to regional integration through promoting peace and stability in the region.

The AU High Level Implementation Panel is visiting all the countries in the Horn of Africa, and has met President Yoweri Museveni and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa. 


Celebrity Gossip

Singer Bruno K Exposed For Neglecting His Son, Claims He Only Has One Child



The internet has been abuzz following accusations leveled against Bruno Kiggundu, popularly known as Bruno K, over his alleged neglect of his son, Seth Kiggundu. In a tweet, a user identified as Keith alleged that Bruno K had abandoned his only son, Seth, and only pays attention to his daughter, Briella.

Keith claimed that Vanessa, his best friend, had a baby boy with Bruno K, and the singer had refused to fulfill his parental responsibilities towards Seth. He further accused Bruno of making Vanessa’s life difficult in 2022, which caused her to loathe the singer.

While it is essential to respect the baby’s privacy, it is crucial to hold public figures accountable for their actions, especially when they involve the welfare of children. The allegations against Bruno K are serious and should not be taken lightly.

Child abandonment is a severe issue that affects many children worldwide. It is a form of child neglect that can lead to adverse effects on a child’s development, including emotional and behavioral problems. Children who are abandoned by their parents may experience feelings of rejection, anger, and low self-esteem, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

As a public figure, Bruno K has a responsibility to set a good example for his fans and followers, especially young people. Neglecting one’s child is not only morally wrong but also illegal under Ugandan law. The Children’s Act of Uganda provides that every child has the right to parental care and protection, and any parent who neglects their child can be charged with child abuse.


It is not clear whether the allegations against Bruno K are true, but if they are, he should take responsibility for his actions and do the right thing for his son. Children need both parents to grow up happy and healthy, and neglecting one’s child is unacceptable.

In conclusion, the allegations against Bruno K are serious, and if true, they represent a worrying trend of child neglect in Uganda. As a society, we must hold public figures accountable for their actions and demand that they do the right thing for their children. Let us all strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for all children, regardless of their family background.

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Speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among Orders Minister Dr. Chris Baryomunsi To Stop Making Excuses For Not Establishing The Tribunal



Speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among has ordered the Minister of Information, Communications, Technology, and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi to stop making excuses for not establishing the tribunal which she said has been pending for a long.

The speaker’s order followed Dr. Chris Baryomunsi’s attribution of the delay to create the Uganda Communications Tribunal to the recent Cabinet decision on the rationalization of agencies.

The speaker of Parliament Among emphasized the need for the tribunal in place.

“We need a tribunal. How sure are you that we are going to rationalize [government agencies]? We want a tribunal in UCC; we cannot do ad-hoc kind of operations,” Among said.

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Act makes provision for the creation of a tribunal that is supposed to handle complaints relating to the decisions of UCC as provided under Sections 60 and 64 of the Act.


“Work [to create a tribunal] was undertaken by my ministry but we are discussing it in the context of rationalization. The Executive is undertaking the rationalization exercise where agencies and departments are being reviewed and we couldn’t proceed to establish the tribunal. The cabinet cannot allow us to create new agencies,” Baryomunsi said. or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

He said this during the Wednesday, 22 March 20223 plenary sitting where he tabled the Uganda Communications (Fees and Fines) (Amendment) Regulations, 2023.
The regulations provide for fees and fines to be paid by telecommunication and broadcasting companies for spectrum or frequency access in order to improve telecommunication services.

His response was prompted by the Leader of Opposition (LOP), Hon. Mathias Mpuuga who accused the minister of ‘sleeping on the job’ by failing to fulfill the provisions of the UCC Act in regard to the creation of the communications tribunal.

“We have raised severally in our alternative policies the question of the minister failing to appoint the UCC tribunal. The minister is now the tribunal; he is acting as the complainant, prosecutor, and judge at the same time. The Ministry [of ICT] is holding media houses at ransom with no recourse to this tribunal,” Mpuuga said.

The Speaker referred the Regulations to the Committee on ICT and National Guidance for scrutiny with a strong caution to UCC not to start collecting fees until Parliament approves the regulations.
Section 93 of the UCC Act, 2013 states that, ‘the minister may, after consultation with the Commission and with the approval of Parliament, by statutory instrument, make regulations for better carrying into effect the provisions of this Act’.

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Anti-gay Bill Will Impinge Upon Universal Human Rights, Jeopardize Progress In Fight Against HIV/AIDS In Uganda-White House



The White House and the European Union (EU) have joined the United Nations (UN) and other human rights groups in condemning the just passed Anti-homosexuality Bill.

The Bill that awaits assent from the president was passed by MPs on Tuesday night after a seven-hour heated session.

The bill introduces stricter penalties for people engaged in same-sex activities in Uganda including the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality.

It also proposes life in prison for the offense of “homosexuality” and up to 10 years in jail for attempted homosexuality.

Now White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre says the Bill is one of the most extreme laws targeting homosexuality in the world.


She warns that this will not only impinge upon universal human rights, jeopardize progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS but will also deter tourism and damage Uganda’s international reputation.

“We have great concerns with the passage of the Anti-homosexuality Act by the parliament of Uganda and increasing violence targeting LGBTQI+ persons,” Karine said.

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