Six eye CCM Presidential ticket

The number of Chama Cha Mapinduzi  (CCM) members seeking the party’s nomination to vie for the country’s highest office has risen to nine after three more officials from the party declared their interest.

Luhaga Mpina Member of Parliament for
Luhaga Mpina Member of Parliament for Kisesa

They  are Luhaga Mpina Member of Parliament for Kisesa, former Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye and former Energy and Minerals minister Sospeter Muhongo.

Addressing a rally on Monday at Mwandoya Primary School in Meatu District,  Simiyu Region, Mpina said if nominated by his party and elected to the presidency he would ensure that the country’s resources are managed well for the benefit of all Tanzanians.
Mpina said he is capable of managing the resources, which include public funds to ensure that they were not squandered or mismanaged.
He said  corruption, which is still a big problem, is stalling efforts to bring about development of the people and that if elected he would ensure that dishonest public servants who steal public money and open bank accounts in foreign countries are taken to task.
Mpina said his government would not tolerate any corrupt public servant, adding” My ambition is to form a responsible and honest government whose officers do not steal from the poor Tanzanians.”He said if elected he would ensure that the government collects more revenues and no body steals from the government coffers.
“The government revenue is currently less because a lot of money from the coffers is being swindled by dishonest and greedy servants,” he said.
On education he said he would further improve it by addressing all the challenges facing the sector.
He however, commended the current government for improving education but said a lot need to be done to have quality education.
On the country’s economy Mpina said he would ensure that all bad contracts which had caused huge losses to the nation were reviewed for the benefit of all Tanzanians.
Likewise, Mpina said his government would improve the health sector by establishing more health centres, improving medical supplies as well as creating conductive workingenvironment for health workers.
Announced his interest  in Dar es Salaam, Sumaye said that if elected to the high office he would focus on fighting corruption by establishing a special court to deal with corruption cases and economic sabotage.
He said there would be a special organ to investigate corruption allegations and file cases at the special court which will be required to deliver judgment in two weeks.
Sumaye said corruption has been a serious problem for a number of years, “ I will not fear any one in this war if proven guilty  to have been involved in the malpractice,” he said.
He said for those who would prove to have been involved in corruption would also see their properties being confiscated.
Sumaye said his second priority will be improving the national economy through agriculture which provides employment to many youth.
He said he would make sure that agriculture produce  were processed so as to add value and search for reliable markets.
He went on saying will also focus in improving economy through agriculture so that youth can get employment and increase government revenue.
Sumaye said it is difficult to improve education and health services while the country’s economy is not stable.
Another priority, he pointed out  is to improve  social services, including education, water and health, adding his government will restore all special schools.
“I am confident to announce my intention because I have long experience in the government I know the problems facing  ordinary  Tanzanians I can provide better and quality services to them,” he said.
He added that he would also strengthen the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar so as to ensure that people live in  peace.
Lowasa is seen as a front runner in the race to replace Tanzania's Jakaya Kikwete
Lowasa is seen as a front runner in the race to replace Tanzania’s Jakaya Kikwete
In CCM already six members  had announced their intention to run for presidency seat including Son of the Father of the Nation Charles Makongoro Nyerere who is also East African Legislative Assembly member, Minister of State in the President’s Office (without portfolio) Prof Mark Mwandosya, Deputy Minister for Finance Mwigulu Nchemba, two former Prime Ministers Edward Lowassa and Federick Sumaye and Ali Abeid Karume former  Tanzanian Ambassador to Italy and Dean of Tanzania Ambassadors, is a Tanzanian diplomat and the     Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives Stephen Wassira.
Charles Makongoro Nyerere is also in the race
Charles Makongoro Nyerere is also in the race

The Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries, Dr Titus Kamani, yesterday joined other CCM members to seek the party’s nomination to vie for the presidency outlining a number of priorities including improving the economy and livestock sector.

Addressing a press conference here Kamani said if nominated by his party and eventually elected the president he would improve water services especially in rural areas as well as improving road infrastructure.
He said he would strive to see to it that the country’s economy is improved to reduce the level of poverty among Tanzanians.
On agriculture, which employs over 80 per cent of the population, Dr Kamani said his government would invest heavily in agriculture and livestock sectors to fight rural poverty.
He said although Tanzania is the  third country in Africa with a big number of livestock, the sector has been facing a number of challenges including lack of pastures.
Dr Kamani said if he makes to the State House he would ensure that pastures are improved as well setting up enough hide processing industries to add value to skins exported abroad.
He said poor management of public resources in the public sector has contributed to the poor economy and that if nominated and elected president he would not spare any bad element in the public service.
On corruption, Kamani said he would act tough on all corrupt elements in the public sector as well as ensuring that people pay taxes as required by the law.

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