Private Equity conference offers unique opportunity to Ugandan investors -UIA

Uganda Investment Authority (UIA)  invited  interested Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Firms in Africa to attend its maiden Private equity and venture capitalist conference


Participants at an MTN SME Business training.
Participants at an MTN SME Business training.

On 21’st may in anemail to the Press, the Uganda investment authroity  announced that Uganda will host the Kampala Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Conference 2015 from 24th to 25th June 2015. This will be the first of its kind and will focus on providing alternative sources and financing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


According to Uganda investment Authority’s Yvonne Munabi  ”This conference aims at increasing the awareness of SMEs of other financing options. it is also an opportunity for Ugandans out there to find investment opportunities”

The growth and development of SMEs, is among Government’s key priority areas which has been hampered by lack of affordable and appropriate finance for the investment growth and expansion of businesses. This state necessitates alternative funding solutions which should be more appropriate and more affordable than traditional funding options.

These solutions are from another section of the private sector; and they provide a win win situation. In this case, private equity firms and venture capitalists (individual or firms) look for viable businesses in which to invest their capital and business management practices, while SMEs looking for more than capital in form of money benefit from the partnership, through access to new technology markets and better management practices. and even though these options have always existed in Africa, few SME’s in uganda have taken advantage of it, this According to Yvonne Munabi can be blamed on the promoters or owners of these SME’s who do seek accurate information and prefer to operate informally.

”In Uganda we also have a large number of registered companies which have never traded. How should we get out of this situation?” -Yvonne Munabi


The SME focus of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is to strengthen the existing businesses and encourage start ups through strategies that strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs and encourage the consumption of locally produced goods and services.

One of the ways to do this is to provide alternative solutions for the funding problem, hence the upcoming Kampala Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Conference 2015. This conference will provide a platform to enable networking with a high quality mix of venture capitalists and private equity firms so that deals can get done.

Ugandan SMEs in attendance will benefit from experts and regulatory professionals who will provide an insight into the status of their businesses and possibilities on what can be done to tap into all opportunities presented by the market.

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