Police Officer’s Remarkable Gender Transition And Mysterious Escape To Canada

ASP Samuel Abwang

Samuel Abwang, a former Ugandan police officer who now identifies as a accomplished female, has made headlines with her gender transition story, while the details of her departure from Makindye Military barracks remain shrouded in mystery.

At the time of her departure, Abwang held the position of Koboko District Police Commander (DPC). However, her extravagant lifestyle and lavish spending raised eyebrows among both superiors and colleagues, who questioned the source of her wealth.

“In Koboko, all police officers typically reside in accommodations provided by the police, often uniports. But Afande Sam (as she is commonly known) was staying in a hotel from the time she was deployed in West Nile,” revealed an anonymous source.

While stationed in West Nile, Abwang would frequently travel to Kampala, where she generously treated her friends to upscale outings, covering the bills herself. It was noted that, considering her rank and deployment, her official earnings amounted to just 800,000 Ugandan shillings, an amount that would barely cover fuel costs for the journey between West Nile and Kampala.

However, the source of her additional income remained a closely guarded secret.

Following her arrest, Abwang faced charges related to the alleged recruitment of homosexuals and illegal gun sales. However, she mysteriously disappeared from her duties, and her whereabouts have remained unknown for approximately two months.

Sources suggest that she was detained at Makindye army barracks but was never presented in either military or civilian court for trial. Her arrest was shrouded in secrecy, and those responsible for authorizing it were shocked to discover that Abwang had vanished from the Makindye detention facility.

It has since been revealed that Abwang sought refuge in Canada, where she now resides. Many Ugandans facing persecution for their involvement in homosexuality have sought sanctuary in foreign nations, with some obtaining citizenship in their host countries.

A source, who chose to remain anonymous, also recounted a disturbing incident involving Abwang’s attempt to assault him at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, shedding light on some of the controversies surrounding her past actions.

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