Pastor Ssenyonga’s Attempt To Intimidate Media On Kayanja’s Saga Backfires

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga is up to his old and usual tricks of intimidation, but this time, it seems he has backed up the wrong tree.

Earlier this year two young men David Mukulu and Bayichi Mapengo released a video accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of having sodomised them.

However different people came up to poke holes in their statements and after some time evidence was shown that the whole plot was hatched at the Christian life church of Pastor Sseyonga.

Videos showed Mukulu and Bayichi at the church premises. Some will argue that a video showing the two young men at the church doesn’t prove anything but then there are also audios released by the young men themselves discussed with an aide of Ssenyonga called Kanene.

It should be remembered that a gay man called Elisha Mukisa was later hired to look after the young men and there is evidence of mobile money transactions between him, Kanene, Pastor Bujingo, and Bishop Kiganda.

A former employee of Ssenyonga called Matia Maganda was also hired to coach the boys on what to say before the camera but everything went south when Pastor Ssenyonga in his usual behaviour failed to pay Matia the agreed monies.

All these were ingredients for hot stories and several online publications could not miss the opportunity.

The late Isma Olaxes was the first to jump onto the story and others followed. Among those was Bukenya Media who proved to be good at investigations and with the help of inside whistle-blowers published more information on the plot against Kayanja.

Matia also approached the online publications with his side of the story and gave a first-hand account of how the whole plot was hatched and where it was carried out.

First forward to today, Pastor Ssenyonga through his lawyers Ojamba and Ojamba advocates served Bukenya Media with the intention to sue for malicious defamation.

Ssenyonga called on Bukenya Media to retract the statements against him both on his tik token and in a Newspaper publication plus 100m in damages.

The question therefore is why is Ssenyonga trying to shoot a messenger who simply did good journalism.

It should also be recalled that hitherto Israel Waswa a henchman of Ssenyonga had been imprisoned for aggravated robbery and assault.

During the trial Ojambo and Ojambo represented Waswa but then Ssenyonga later released an affidavit stating that Waswa wasn’t his employee.

This was a serious case of Simon Peter denying Jesus. One would ask how Waswa comes into the whole equation.

Waswa had been used to open up false cases in different police stations against Pastor Kayanja, Brother Makabai, and others.

Ssenyonga used him to do his dirty work including working with the youth who stormed Rubaga Miracle Centre in 2021 threatening violence if not pay monies owed to them and also claiming that they had been sodomised.

Ssenyonga should not therefore shoot the messengers but rather seek solace and silently repent for his numerous atrocities.

His threats to sue the messages have been met with a serious legal response. The lawyers of the threatened have a lot of evidence which will seriously embarrass and ashame Ssenyonga.

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