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Nurse denied access to give Johnnie first aid

According to our close sources, one of the Patrons in Club Guvnor during the night which Johnnie Ahimbisbwe’s life was taken by his own friend was a qualified nurse. Just after Johnnie’s throat was cut by a Heineken bottle during a fight which took place at the bars 40+ section, a woman whose names were not known offered to help. She only identified herself as nurse who was currently practicing in the UK, as the onlookers gave her space to go and give first aid to Johnnie, the Club bouncers instantly stopped her and ordered her not to go anywhere near the body.

She stepped aside and saw Johnnie helplessly dying on the floor with blood oozing from his head and throat. After sometime was when they rushed him to case clinic on Kampala road, it was from there that Johnnie had his last breath. Ideally, we think if he was given first aid by the proclaimed practicing nurse would have helped in one way or the other.

Ivan was the step-father of Johnnie's son
Ivan was the step-father of Johnnie’s son

Meanwhile, Nina the woman whose heart reportedly fired the bar brawl that left Johnnie murdered in cold blood, Nina has been sighted at Kampala Central Police Station Monday morning.

According to the officers, Nina is being interrogated to aid the Police to investigate the death of her ex-boyfriend.
Ivan Kamyuka the murderer is expected to be paraded in court later today and subsequently remanded as the possible charges likely to be pressed against him can only be tried by the High Court.


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