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Interview: Meet Tony Right, Uganda’s Gospel Star Making It Big In USA



Profile: Meet Tony Right a US based Ugandan gospel Artist

Born in Katwe a Kampala Surburb, Tony grew up mostly with his mother.

The 30 year old who is now an evangelist and a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is married to Apostle Julie Right from Kenya.

“ We have 2 beautiful sons and also own The Worship Encounter and Revelation Centre’’ he says.

Musical Background

Before, he was a secular artist famously known as ‘Wiva Man’

Unlike many ugandan artists, Tony’s musical journey traces back to the church days. (Sunday School choirs)

“I used to perform with the choir at Prayer Parish Kibuye”.

It was durimg this time that he recorded a couple of albums and also rubbed shoulders with the likes of Ziza Bafana, Gift of Khado, Sizza man and others.

Currently he boasts of 10 gospel songs on which he also features his wife as a back up singer to 3 of these songs.

Such songs include, Show me the way, A go follow you and others which are available on all online streaming platforms.

First time in Studio

This was some years back with his childhood friends under their formed Trio singing group.

The S.6 drop out recalls the good times he had with music producers like Washington, Tonny Houls and a one producer JJ at Dream studios who he hails for his music success.

“I was in S.3 when i started composing my first song and a friend of mine , Isaac Jacobs for the very first time in 2005 had me in studio for my first song and a commercial advert of one of the leading telekom companies by then” .

Concerts and Endorsments

He recently launched his new album in the US and also had country tours to promote it.

“Me and my wife own a fashion line (T&J) fashions” he said.


In the start, he was challenged with knowing faces that matter in the ugandan music industry.

“Lack of connections, airplay and a promotiomal budget have since hindered every ones success” she added.

Education background

Tony Right is a S.6 drop out at Crested Senior School in Makindye but holds a certificate in Theology and Healthy care.

Last Remarks and Favorite Quote.

The moment you have a vision,a call and a purpose, no body can stop you because whatever is from God is led by him.

He will provide and align people in a way thats favorable to you.

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READ: Why Catherine Kusasira Was Bounced From President Museveni Gathering In Masaka



Former Eagles Production singer Catherine Kusasira was bounced at one of President Museveni’s events in Masaka.

In 2019, Catherine Kusasra was appointed a presidential advisor on Kampala Affairs and she has since had a lot of influence in the ruling party.

However, as time passed, Catherine Kusasira developed several complaints and required the president’s assistance.

However, despite her efforts to meet the president, Catherine Kusasira has been denied access to him by those close to him.

This left the singer with a sour taste in her mouth and left nothing behind while speaking to the president during one of the NRM events in Masaka.

In a video cited by Exclusive Bizz, Catherine Kusasira can be seen revealing to the president that she has employed over 30,000 youths in Uganda, but she has been barred from meeting him for some time.

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In response, the President said that he will meet with Kisasira in the middle of June and then urged her to leave the podium so that the poor may voice their complaints because she is well off.

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“Kapa Cat Can’t Reach A Quarter Of Martha Mukisa’s Talent” Gravity Omutujju



Singer Kapa Cat real name Tumusiime Catherine has responded to fellow singer Gravity Omutujju’s submission that she can’t reach a quarter of Martha Mukisa’s talent.

Prior to Martha Mukisa’s concert, Kapa Cat expressed her disappointment with the Black Magic singer for staging a concert claiming her music catalog wasn’t sufficient enough.

While appearing in an interview recently, Gravity Omutujju was tasked to remark on Kapa Cat’s feud with Martha Mukisa.

Gravity, who is known for airing his mind, said Kapa Cat shouldn’t compare her mediocre talent to Martha Mukisa’s.

He added that in contrast to Kapa Cat, Martha Mukisa is in the calibers of Rema Namakula, citing her lyrical and vocal prowess is unparalleled.

Gravity’s revelation, however, seemingly didn’t settle well with the Untouchable Music Management signee, who took to her socials to express her frustration.

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Through Facebook, Kapa Cat questioned why Gravity opted to collaborate with her on their ‘Centre’ song leaving out Martha Mukisa who he claims is more talented.

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Singer Ronald Mayinja Downplays Rumours That His Wife Aisha Is Dead



Renowned band singer Ronald Mayinja has downplayed rumours that his wife Aisha Mayinja had died.

Rumours about Ronald Mayinja’s wife Aisha’s death have been circulating on social media for several weeks now.

However, while appearing in an interview with Spark Tv following his performance at Mesach Semakula’s concert at Kampala Serena Hotel, Mayinja addressed the allegations that have been spreading like wildfire.

Ronald Mayinja claims that an unidentified Facebook user started the rumour by making claims about his wife’s death in order to promote his music.

The ‘Tuli Ku Bunkenke’ singer added that the person shared his wife’s photo, attaching a song’s link to generate traffic for his song on YouTube.

Ronald Mayinja

He further notes that on landing on the naysays, he was so quick to ring his wife who is currently in the USA, who confirmed that she was doing fine.

Mayinja expressed his displeasure at how people can be callous in the pursuit of their hidden commitments.

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