Ethiopia plans to build on other rivers other than the Nile

Ethiopian Minister of Energy and Water, Mutuma Mikasa, has announced that his government is planning to build new dams on rivers other than the Nile, where it is currently building the Renaissance Dam. He pointed to the Gibe dam, which has already begun construction along the Kenyan border.

“We want to take advantage of all our water resources,” he said.

According to Mikasa, there are no conflicts with Kenya over the Gibe Dam. “We took into consideration the social and economic interests of the downstream countries,” he explained.

With regards to the Renaissance Dam, Mikasa said at a press conference held after the ninth round of negotiations between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in Cairo, that the dam will be beneficial to the three countries.
“Negotiations on the technical presentation of the two consulting firms are in accordance with the recommendations of the International Technical Committee and the Principles Agreement signed by the leaders of the three countries in Khartoum,” he said.
“And we have proposals to resolve the differences between the firms because we do not want to harm any party.”
Mikasa confirmed, however, that Ethiopia will not stop the building of the dam, although it will commit to the results of the studies conducted by the firms.
The minister said he expects the negotiations, which he called difficult, to result in an agreement. He also said that Ethiopia is willing to form a tripartite entity to manage joint water projects.
He said the Renaissance Dam will generate environment-friendly hydropower, or green energy, so as to adapt to climate change and its ramifications on rainfall and drought.
He also pointed out that there was 50 percent less Nile water this year due to climate change, which threatens Ethiopia with drought and famine.

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