Coke Studio Returns After Two Years Break

Coca Cola Team at teh Launch of Coke Studio

The Coca-Cola Company is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of its flagship music extravaganza, COKE STUDIO™, following a two-year hiatus. This vibrant season, themed “BE WHO YOU ARE,” promises an extraordinary fusion of cultures and sounds, featuring the internationally acclaimed artist Jon Batiste, along with an array of global collaborations. This theme is not only a celebration of diversity but also a call to the youth and teenagers of Uganda to embrace their authenticity and remain true to themselves, as their individuality is their greatest asset.

The anthem of this season, titled “Be Who You Are (Real Magic),” celebrates the profound impact of staying true to one’s identity. It encapsulates the idea that genuine enchantment happens when individuals embrace their uniqueness and respect the differences in others. Written by the talented Jon Batiste, the song is a remarkable collaboration with the innovative K-Pop group NewJeans, the Grammy-winning pop sensation Camilo from Colombia, the chart-topping singer-songwriter Cat Burns from the UK, and the versatile rapper J.I.D from Atlanta.

Arthur Akankwasa, Senior Franchise Manager overseeing Coca-Cola operations in Uganda, expressed, “Music is ingrained in our culture, serving as a means of expression during moments of celebration, joy, sorrow, and everything in between. It’s a unifying thread that transcends borders. This season promises to be nothing short of magical and awe-inspiring, featuring an impressive lineup of artists curated for the enjoyment of our consumers.”

Representing Uganda on this captivating musical journey will be the talented Zulitums and Fik Fameica. Joining them are renowned artists like Yung Stunna and Nasty C from South Africa, Mayorkun and Buju from Nigeria, as well as international sensations Sam Smith and Imagine Dragons.

Arthur added, “This period provides a unique opportunity for Coca-Cola to connect with a new generation of consumers, specifically focusing on the Gen Z demographic. In a time where the world is at our fingertips, we’re excited to bring a fresh cross-cultural experience that resonates deeply. By harmonizing local and global influences, our goal is to create music that ignites moments of inspiration, spotlighting the true enchantment that lies in unexpected connections that bridge geographical boundaries.”

The Ugandan edition of COKE STUDIO™   will be filled with captivating activities and opportunities for consumers to engage with the season. Festivals, listening parties, and campus tours will span across various locations within the country. Additionally, this season introduces the One XP platform, enabling consumers to access over 300 global and local influencer content from COKE STUDIO™ at their convenience.

At the heart of Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” brand philosophy is the celebration of human connections and the belief that our differences enrich and enliven the world. It’s a tribute to genuine moments and the magic that unfolds when people unite. Fundamentally, COKE STUDIO™ is a globally accessible music hub and a network of experiences that utilize the universal language of music to traverse boundaries and unite people of diverse backgrounds. This platform underscores our conviction in the unifying power of music, a force that knows no borders and brings people together, wherever they may be in the world.

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