Chameleon honors NTV interview invitation after seven years of no live TV interviews

Chameleon has been on the music scene for 15 years now. As a rising artiste, he spent most of his time appearing on TV shows for interviews, this stopped 7 years ago. The reason for the singer giving up on live TV interviews are unknown  but perhaps they could be reasons of hi thinking he is a big artiste that TV presenters are supposed to look for him  rather than him looking for them.


Today (Friday), Chameleon appeared on NTV the beat, a program hosted by Douglas Lwanga. He posted on his Facebook page that he will be live on NTV the beat and everyone wondered. The singer had come to clear the air about rumors and propaganda about the Tubonga Nawe issues that are making rounds on social media and papers.

When he was asked why he is so controversial, after doing the Motto Motto song which was an anti-government song, he was the same artiste praising the same President (Museveni) in the Tubonga Nawe song ahead of the 2016 Presidential elections; he said it’s his choice. “ it’s my choice to do what I want and not anyone else is choice, and other people’s choices are not mine” Chameleon said, adding that when election time comes, he will vote for Museveni. He was later joined by Bebe Cool to talk about the same issue.

The first time Chameleon was supposed to appear on live TV interview was in 2011 when he was going to have the battle of the Champion with Bob wine. Douglas Lwanga who was by then still working with Record TV invited both of them on TV. Bobi Wine showed up but Lwanga waited for Chameleon but in vain.

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