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Baby Amaal is not sick, Singer Rema foxed, here is the deportation letter

Ever since yesterday, there have been reports circulating on social media about Singer Rema Namakula being deported from the US. Many artistes including Rema were invited for the UNAA CAUSES’s, which is a Uganda annual Festival that happens every year in September in New York. When Rema arrived in USA, she was deported back to Uganda because of reasons we are yet to establish.
Rema came back to Uganda and because of humiliation and not wanting to disappoint the fans, she said she stopped in US when she heard about her daughter’s sickness.
Her post on Facebook
Its funny how Ugandans love to come to conclusions most times but anyway Jst to clear the air I Rema Namakula was not detained,arrested or anything of asort and neither was I denied entry coz I HV been to USA before. I flew from Entebbe to Amsterdam and as I reached Detroit I got a message from my sister that my Aamaals sickness had intensified than I had earlier left her,honestly I think I couldn’t think straight no more. Jst like any parent any job couldn’t be more important than family so I decided to cancel n return to my daughter immediately. I would like to apologize to UNAA CAUSES plus my NewYork fans. I promise to make it up to you. Thank u all that managed to check on us at case hospital we are now back home and. Inshaallah she will be fine.

A deportation letter was sent to our email by unidentified sources
A deportation letter was sent to our email by unidentified sources

Meanwhile, reports have come out this evening to prove that the 26 year old singer was lying about her daughter’s sickness in order to get away with the embarrassment of being deported. A letter which clearly indicates her deportation was sent to our email by unknown sources. It clearly shows that Rema was not allowed to go passed USA. The letter showed that she is not allowed in the US. Rema was detained and after deported back to Uganda.
The other artistes who went for the UNAA CAUSES include Dr Jose Chameleon, King Saha,Juliana Kanyomozi among others.

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