America issues terror alert over Uganda Matryrs day

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda has warned its citizens of a possible terror threat during tomorrow’s martyr’s day celebrations in Uganda.

Pilgrims on the Matyrs Lane
Pilgrims on the Matyrs Lane

In a statement the american embassy asked its citizens to avoid areas around the martyrs shrine.

Though no terror attack has ever taken place in Uganda on this day,security is always heightened in the area to avoid that scenario.

The day  is set aside to celebrate the 45 Uganda Martyrs that were killed between 1885 and 1887 by Buganda’s Kabaka Mwanga  who saw their new found religion as a threat to his power.

The martyrs were both Anglican and catholic and while t Pope Benedict XV  beatified the catholic martyrs in 1920 and Pope Paul VI canonized them in 1964 Pope Paul VI, the Anglican missionaries used the killings as an excuse to ask the United kingdom to bring Uganda into her dominions and this was done by Sir Gerald Portal in 1896.

Security agencies have always deployed heavily in the area to ensure that the more than 1 million pilgrims that trek to this area are kept safe.


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